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The Foley Artist - Making Movie Sound Come Alive

With a sophisticated mix of sound and visuals, movies are now more life-like than we could have imagined a few short decades ago, but it wasn't always that way. Here's a quick history of the people who make the sound of movies come alive: the Foley artist.

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Where Is Music City?

Nashville Tennessee is as important to the history of music as any other city, but where the name 'Music City' originated might surprise you. Incidentally, some of the biggest records of the second wave of Country music in the 1990s were mixed on KEF C55 speakers. In fact, at the time, the C55 was pretty much the go-to speaker in every big studio in town. Records from Shania Twain, Billy Ray Cyrus, Reba McIntyre, Trisha Yearwood and Brooks and Dunne all made it to your ears after first passing through KEF speakers.


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Some Facts About Speaker Break-In

We break down the science behind speaker break-in. Yes, speaker break-in is a thing, and yes, you will hear a difference in your new speakers after playing them for a while. 

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MQA Basics

As we have gotten more comfortable with digital music technology, MQA has proven to be an important player in the preservation of high-resolution reproduction. At it’s simplest MQA delivers slightly better-then-CD quality with no special equipment or software, and at its fullest MQA delivers exactly what the artist wanted you to hear. It’s pretty much a win-win.

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Top 25 Best Sounding Albums of the Pop Era

It's that time of year again: List Time! Here's our take on the Top 25 best Sounding Albums of the Pop Era.

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High-Resolution Audio - Is There Really A Difference?

Should you care about high-resolution audio? Yes. 

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