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Understanding the Specs: Sensitivity tells us how loud a speaker can play with a given amount of amplifier power.

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Distortion - The Science Behind the Noise

When you’re scoping out new equipment for your audio system, these three types of distortion are often the overlooked culprits that can give you a bad listening experience. This is the reason buying quality components makes a huge difference in how your music sounds.

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Diffraction Explained

Basically, diffraction is sound you want now competing with remnants of sound you wanted a few milliseconds ago, which spolis the whole thing. Here's how our engineers stopped diffraction from spoiling your music.

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Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Music

As music lovers we all have a vested interest in protecting our hearing. Imagine the gradual and unstoppable loss of being able to enjoy something as important as music. But some simple precautions now can ensure you can enjoy your music for decades to come.

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Short and Sweet: Uni-Q Solves  A Problem

Short and sweet: With Uni-Q, where you sit is no longer the main consideration for what you hear.

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The Origin of the Lullaby - Possibly the Origin of Music?

Throughout human history, the lullaby is found across all cultures. A study of the origins of the lullaby may also be unlocking the key to the origins of music itself.

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