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The Art & Science of Sound
When Were You Cool?

Everyone has a moment of cool, and everyone kind of sticks with what was cool for them, so, when were you cool?

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Ten Essential Jazz Pioneers, Part Two

In Ten Essential Jazz Artists, Part Two we continue to look at the musicians who changed the musical paradigm of the time with their innovations. Innovations that are still in use today, regardless of genre.

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Ten Essential Jazz Pioneers, Part One

In Ten Essential Jazz Pioneers, Part One, we look at the artists who paved the way in the early years of the jazz revolution.

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Finding New Music

Discovering new music should be like going to a record store on a rainy Saturday and rifling through the bins for hours on end and then rushing home to listen to your new finds. Here are some hints to capture that experience in the digital age.

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Your Musical Mileage May Vary

Life is short – no to mention stressful and annoying – don’t deny yourself the unique and magical experience of music that nourishes the soul!   

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Chasing Bliss

Music affects no less than twelve different areas of the brain – simultaneously, so it's no wonder with all of that going on in your head you sometimes just don't feel it the way you want to. 

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