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Talking Music, Life, and the Spiritual Aspects of Records, With Leland Sklar (Part 2)

This is part two of a fascinating conversation I had last week with bassist Leland Sklar. Today's piece focuses on the art and joy of being a high-demand session player, and the state of the music and recording industry. 

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Remembering Raymond Dolby

Sad news yesterday on the passing of audio pioneer Raymond Dolby. His contributions to the audio industry include the noise reduction circuitry that revolutionized the way we listen to (and record) music, and his Dolby Laboratories also had a profound affect on how we watch movies and television. While you're watching a movie this weekend, either at home or in a theater, chances are you're listening to the result of years of innovation and research from Dolby Laboratories.

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The Foley Artist: Movies Would Be Pretty Silent Without Them

Without the Foley artist, movies would be, well, boring. And very quiet. Field recording during filming is good for picking up dialogue, but even the most expensive microphones are not capable of recording sound in an uncontrolled environment in the same way as the human ear hears them–because of that incredibly powerful Signal Processor alled the human brain. Add to that the expectations we movie fans have about how our favorite films sound and you get the unheralded Foley artist.

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An Unedited Review From A KEF Blade Owner

Our brand ambassador, Johan Coorg, recently received this letter from a Blade client he worked with back in June. Beyond the fact that we're very proud of how he feels about his Blades, there is a wealth of information gained from experience we thought we should share:

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KEF M500 & Tony Grey - "Then and Now"

Check out this video of bass virtuoso Tony Grey recording Then and Now using a pair of KEF M500 headphones. We're pretty stoked because you can't record music with the clarity, soul and precision of a piece like Then and Now using monitoring headphones that can't keep up.

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LS50s Take On the Mastering Studio

The mastering engineer is a specialist with finely tuned ears who can hear things most of us mere audio-mortals can’t. But without the work of the mastering engineer, things like volume and equalization wouldn’t be consistent, and problems with the final mix and production would greatly diminish the listening experience for all of us.

On May 23rd I had the pleasure, as part of KEF’s partnership with professionals in the audio production field, to listen to a pair of LS50’s in a mastering studio in New York City run by a multi-Grammy® Award winning mastering engineer. We’ll talk more about him and his studio another time, but I was too blown away by how the LS50’s held their own yesterday to wait!

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