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COVID-19 and the Touring Musician

Every industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, and as we all slowly and carefully return to ‘normal’ the live music industry is likely going to trail far behind the rest of us. We spoke to several Nashville-based musicians about how they are staying busy and keeping their music alive as they stay safe and healthy.

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Understanding the Specs: Sensitivity tells us how loud a speaker can play with a given amount of amplifier power.

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Damping Factor Explained

Damping Factor is an important - and often misunderstood - amplifier spec that most definitely affects the sound of your audio system.

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Cymatics: The Visualization of Sound

Throughout nature, soundwaves and lightwaves all seem to share the same patterns. The science of of cymatics is a fascinating visualization of sound energy.

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Why You Think Today's Music Sucks

Although you're pretty sure today's music sucks, it doesn't - you just think it does. Here's why...

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Hacking Your Hearing to Create Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers

In addition to our wide range of Ci Architectural speakers which are perfect for Atmos installations, KEF also offer the Q50a and R8a Atmos-Enabled speakers which can be wall-mounted or placed on top of an existing front speaker.

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