Thirty or so musicians, producers, members of the press and KEF associates gathered on Friday, April 29, for an evening of amazing music and history. Hosted by KEF in our KEF Music Lounge Experience Center in Marlboro, NJ, featured guest, Grammy-award winning Ricky Riccardi gave the rapt audience a tour through some of Louis Armstrong’s most inspired recordings. The audience was treated to an amazing array of behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Armstrong and the restoring and remastering of the recordings they were listening to.


Ricky RiccardiMr. Riccardi (L), is the Director of Research Collections at the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, NY. Riccardi recently won a Grammy for his excellent liner notes that accompany the brilliant Complete Louis Armstrong Columbia and RCA Victor Studio Recordings 1946-1966. This exhaustive set is a must-listen for fans of American music, music history and jazz in particular. Listening to the remastered recordings through Blade Meta in the KML theater, accompanied by Riccardi’s keen insights and knowledge, was an ultimate pleasure for everyone in attendance.


The evening started with cocktail and hors d’oeuvres in the KML lounge area before gathering in the theater for the main presentation. Afterward, guests either mingled back in the lounge or were treated to a selection of movie clips that highlighted the THX-Ultra performance of the KML theater.



Ricky Riccardi and Michael Cuscuna

Ricky Riccardi (l) and The Complete Louis Armstrong Columbia and RCA Victor Studio Sessions 1946-1966 Co-Producer Richard Noorigan







KML, Richard NooriganSharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes of Louis Armstrong's recording sessions in the KML Theater.








KML Jazz Night

Sommelier-guided wine and cheese pairings were a hit along with the music and program. 








KMLThe hors d'ouevres and company were sensational. (Ed. Note: The 'Jersey Bites' were a delicious (and popular) mix of Taylor Ham, American cheese and siracha in a puff pastry. Bravo!)







Ricky RiccardiRicky Riccardi references his Grammy Award-winning liner notes to the Armstrong RCA Victor and Columbia collection.








Brandy Old Fashioned

Based on Armstrong's favorite drink, Brandy Old Fashions were the craft cocktail of the evening.








Thanks to everyone who joined us for this grand evening of music and conversation!


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Ricky Riccardi

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