Sometimes a technical breakthrough is so completely paradigm shifting that mere words don’t really do justice. In the case of our new LS50 Collection, the proof is in the sound – you have to listen and then you will believe.


By partnering with the premiere acoustic metamaterial engineering firm in the world, AMG, our engineers have come up with a design that eliminates 99% of the destructive resonant audio energy that bounces around inside the speaker enclosure interfering with the purity of the sound being reproduced. Most high-end designs can achieve up to 60% absorption of this unwanted energy and the detail and nuance you will discover in the difference between 60% and 99% is utterly astonishing. Without hyperbole, you will truly be amazed.


LS50 MetaKEF LS50 Meta

The passive addition to the LS50 Collection features:

  • 12th Generation Uni-Q with Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) driver array (patent pending)
  • Patented off-set flexible port for further midrange distortion reduction
  • Four finishes:
    • Carbon Black
    • Titanium Grey
    • Mineral White
    • Royal Blue Special Edition
  • Updated cabinet further refined for optimal acoustic performance
  • Seamless cabinet rear provides cleaner, sleeker cabinet aesthetic
  • Mounting holes for secure placement with bespoke KEF S2 Floor Stands
    • Stands are available in matching finishes


Book a Demo today and prepare to be amazed!



LS50 Wireless IILEF LS50 Wireless II

The active/wireless addition to the LS50 Collection features:

  • All of the acoustic advances that make the LS50 Meta a best-in-class passive standmount speaker
  • New 100WPC Class A/B for lower distortion and greater dynamic output
  • Upgraded 280WPC Class D LF/MF amplifier
  • New W2 streaming platform for seamless on-boarding and performance
  • New KEF Connect app
  • Spotify, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Qobuz and Deezer
  • Apple Airplay2 and Google Chromecast protocols
  • Roon Ready, DSD256 compatibility, MQA support


Book a Demo today and prepare to be amazed!


And when you do book your Demo, be sure to bring along a piece of music you’re intimately familiar with, something you’ve listened to for years – just so you can hear all of the things you’ve been missing!