By Jack Sharkey, July 14, 2017



Nineteen-ninety was a year of One Hit Wonder pop, and all of that wonder was almost totally owned by solo female artists.  


Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones If you were born prior to 1975, you were not able to imagine a world without an Iron Curtain, a USSR or a Berlin Wall. That all changed in November 1989, and England's Jesus Jones told us the story in a brilliant four minutes. Listen for the fabulous drum break at 2:41 - simplicity at it's finest. 


Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul Best known for her work as choreographer for the Los Angeles Lakers and Toni Basil (Mickey) Abdul had a run of hits at the top of the decade before taking some time off to prepare for her role as a judge on American Idol.


Hold On - Wilson Phillips Brian Wilson's daughters teamed up with John and Michelle Phillips' (Mamas & Papas) daughter for a brief but memorable ride along the top of the charts as the Eighties drifted into the Nineties. A little more substantial then Abdul, Wilson Phillips were expected to have a long reign at the top, but the group broke up in 1992 after the release of their successful sophomore release.. 


Black Velvet - Allanah Myles The explosion of solo female Country artists was still five years away and in the middle of all of the heavily produced electronic music Allanah Myles came out of nowhere with a swampy song about Elvis Presley. Black Velvet was a total outlier compared to rest of the scene at the time. The takeaway from that is that Rhythm and Blues was (and still is) the foundation for everything else that was happening. 


Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor Penned by Prince, Sinead O'Connor's emotional and raw vocal and video performance riveted the world and offered hope for the continued genius to come. It was not to be as O'Connor became a cautionary tale of the dark side of art and success when coupled with the fragility of the human condition. 

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